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My mind has been floating back in time to far-away-places as we begin another year of travel restrictions. Reviewing folders of images made from the past has been therapy for me. The further back I go, the more new I discover as with this photo from 2009 made in the Italian Alps. Perhaps I see differently now is why maybe I have overlooked old files or it’s that I can look at them with fresh eyes. Sometimes as with this photograph, it’s not until I start playing with it that the magic reveals itself.
“Yearning” captures for me the optimism I need right now. I follow that shaft of light to the distant trail I know I will return to.

“New Year Dawn, Greenwood Lake”

2022 has begun with strange warm weather. On New Years Day I was driving along Greenwood Lake as the blanket of fog lifted to reveal the opposite shore bathed in erie golden light. Magical thinking can conjure up optimism if we look for it.

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