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Travel to exotic foreign lands has been a source of interest and inspiration since 1972, when I purchased my first camera in Germany. Now years later I look back with gratitude for all the experiences it brought to shape my world view. I discovered along the way that people, whether from isolated primitive tribes or from worldly sophisticated cities, share a common need for laughter and community. Likewise, whether in austere deserts or lush wet mountains, the diverse places people live each offer a unique singular beauty.

I moved to New York’s Hudson Valley in 1979 and have called it home ever since. Nature is at my doorstep here, surrounded by green mountains and working farms only an hour drive from the “center of the universe” — New York City — with all the cultural offerings known to the planet. Whenever I return from my travels, it always feels like the place I want to be with its distinct four seasons and proximity to the city and ocean as well. The work you’ll find here also encompasses the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains, the Hudson and Delaware Rivers, the “Black Dirt” farming region along with many State Parks.