I set out on my first truly exotic photo project in February 1982. Morocco seemed untouched by time except for hearing the occasional “boom box” creating an appropriate musical backdrop. I spent the month traveling by local buses from town to town from the high Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert. By the third bus stop I realized the need for a guide to make my way into the culture and from then on have relied on a hired “fixer” to translate and keep me out of harms way.


The idea of where I want to travel generally starts by taking note of places that keep popping up and make their way into my subconscious. I kept seeing images of soaring red sand dunes and stick trees — researched where it was and booked a trip in 2008. With two close friends along, I rented a four wheel drive pickup with a tenting platform and we drove the country. Sadly, most of the images I made were lost when the truck was broken into. I’m planning another visit to Africa in the near future to hopefully recapture some of those wildlife images.