Nick Zungoli

It began in 1978 with a leave of absence from my engineering job to photograph the Western National Parks. After being on the road for three months I knew that everything else just seemed a waste of time. A year later I opened Exposures Gallery in the upstate New York hamlet of Sugar Loaf and began a new life that has stood the test of time. For over four decades the camera has been my vehicle to experience beauty and wonder in the world. It remains as important to me now as it was new then.

Exploring the Hudson Valley fields and forests feed my need for nature away from all the trappings of life. My work as a photographer, above all, is about light. I’ve often said that sometimes even the trash cans in front of my home look beautiful! For it’s always the transformative powers of light that can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. My obsession has been to hike and drive and travel, always looking. When I find an interesting place, I plan out the photograph I want to make, checking the conditions ahead of time to put me in the right place at the right time.

Over the years I have had the great fortune to visit so many amazing places. Averaging three photo trips each year adds up! Out-of-the-way less traveled parts of the world is where I’m drawn. To accomodate the work, the gallery space is divided to provide for changing travel exhibits and my ever-growing Hudson Valley portfolio. Take time to enjoy these special moments in time. It is truly my pleasure to be able to share them with you.

The Artist – Internationally recognized and the Hudson Valley’s pre-eminent landscape photographer, his work has been widely collected (Over 50,000 prints) since he opened his Exposures Gallery. He has been a contributor to National Geographic, the New York Times and Sierra Magazine and has produced numerous exhibitions and books from his extensive travels. Nick was honored by the Orange County Arts Council as Artist of the Year and the Times Herald Record selected Exposures as Best Art Gallery.

The Exposures Gallery main room features work from New York’s Hudson Valley.
Nick Zungoli’s recent travel photography, print archives and books of projects are displayed in the special exhibit room.

Special thanks to David Silver. In 1996 David approached me and wanted to know if I wanted a website. I said, “What’s a website?” He launched the first commercial site on Warwick Online at You can see his photography at